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TV from box to palm .. Can you stand it ?!  - Saudi News

TV from box to palm .. Can you stand it ?! – Saudi News

On its International Day, the challenges of the television set, which is the biggest change in the global media, are being renewed, and with the change in viewing behavior over the past decade, a large part of the generation that gave hope to other digital technology platforms has left. , The difference in public taste and various social and economic changes, and it sounded the alarm bells The popularity of traditional television, especially in light of statistics published by certain pages interested in statistics, including the New Statsman newspaper. He spoke about the increase in the number of users of digital broadcasting technology services and the decrease in subscribers to regular television broadcasts.

In the United States, one million Americans canceled their cable or satellite subscriptions between July and September, according to the Wall Street Journal, one of the worst seasonal declines ever.

In the UK, the government’s communications authority Ofcom was the first to broadcast digital television broadcasts earlier this year, and now has more UK subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon and Now TV (15.4 million) compared to traditional pay TV. “Sky”, “Virgin Media” , Providing services such as “BD” and “Doc Doc” (15.1 million), and there are reasons for the BBC to worry about the increase in digital broadcasting to 3.5 million.

Nevertheless, as television approaches its 100th year, it has not yet lost its status in the home, but the Internet, communication and the revolution of smart phones, as well as the emergence of various television channels have contributed. With a certain decline in the percentage of its audience, is it really on track to disappear?

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Many traditional mechanisms, such as radio, large computers, newspapers, and cameras with automatic printing, have disappeared and only television remains, which over time has maintained its stability and integrated with technology and adapted it to brain development. It went from a big TV to a small one, to this day it is called Plasma, viewing on websites, mobiles and cars!