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TVLA has issued a warning to every driver in the UK

TVLA has issued a warning to every driver in the UK

TVLA has issued an emergency warning to drivers after creating “fraudulent” sites to encourage people to hand over money.

Websites are created in an attempt to convince drivers to buy a service for free on the TVLA website.

TVLA says websites are often used to assist with V5C vehicle registration certificates or to renew a driver’s license from the age of 70.

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However, all of these can be done for free on the DVLA website, and none of them require the driver to pay a fee.

These secondary sites actually offer the services they advertise – for which they charge a fee.

Even though TVLA charges a service, fake websites are more demanding Glass.

For example, it costs £ 14 to renew a driver’s license on a TVLA website, but elsewhere it can cost up to 60.

Since January 2020, 1,200 drivers have been contacted about the issue, according to the DVLA.

Jay Anker, co-author of MoneySaving Expert, said: “These Cupcade sites are not illegal, but they look like legitimate web pages and use more and more clever tricks that appear in search engines.

“They ask you to fill out forms that do not require more work on your part than you do through official websites, and then charge more for ‘management’ or ‘services’ – a job that you send to the relevant authorities without any add-ons.”

If the website that provides TVLA-related services does not have ‘’ in the address bar, a red flag may be charged.

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Another symptom is that you are being asked to pay for something that was previously free to you – such as updating your car history book when you get home.

Julia Lenard, CEO of TVLA, said: “Cowie is the only site where customers can view our official services, many of which are free. Additional fees may be charged when using other websites that offer non-TVLA services. ”

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