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“Twitter” warns an American lawmaker who published a composite video brandishing two swords aimed at Biden (video)

Twitter placed a warning notice on a video clip of cartoons and animations from the famous “Attack on Titan” series, in which faces are installed on characters from it, published by US Republican legislator Paul Gosar.

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Twitter placed this notice on the grounds that the video violated its policy on “hateful behavior.” It also stopped interacting with the tweet, preventing the ability to like, reply, or repost. It appears in the legitimate video (his face is superimposed on a cartoon character). He waves two swords at President Joe Biden (his face is superimposed on a character) and kills Democratic legislator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (her face is superimposed on a character).

Twitter also said in a notice at the top of the Tweet that it considers it “maybe in the public interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

In an email, Twitter added: “As normally in effect with such a notice, interaction with the Tweet will be limited.”

The 90-second video, which Gosar posted on Sunday, looked like a modified version of the popular “Attack on Titans” series, and featured realistic footage of US Border Patrol soldiers collecting migrants at the US-Mexico border.

On the other hand, a number of prominent politicians and pioneers of social networking sites condemned this clip, with Ocasio-Cortez responding with a series of tweets in which she said that the video was posted by a “horrific member I work with,” noting that she “does not expect any consequences that the House Republican leader will impose on him.” Gosar”.

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Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar said: “This man should not serve in Congress,” and continued: “Imagine violently attacking your colleagues has no place in our political discourse or in society.”

Source: RT + “Reuters”