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Twitter's Communities feature is available for Android users |

Twitter’s Communities feature is available for Android users |

San Francisco (USA) – The social networking platform Twitter decided to provide the “communities” feature for users of Android devices, after the feature was available only to users of smart devices running the “iOS” operating system or personal computers.

Twitter says it has become a space for a wide range of conversations, but it hasn’t been able to help connect people who share the same interests. But all that has changed now; “We’re testing Communities, the new way to easily reach and connect with people who want to talk about the same things.”

It is noteworthy that this feature was launched last September and allows Twitter users to create groups for a specific topic, region, or any common denominator, in the manner of “groups” on the Facebook platform.

According to the Twitter platform, through the “communities” feature, “people can direct tweets directly to a specific user instead of directing them to all their followers. It is also the users who are members of this community who will be able to comment on the tweet or reply to it,” although the tweets still so far also appear on the public account of the user who posted the tweet.

Although this feature is still in the testing phase, communities have already appeared on topics such as “digital currency”, the “Xbox” game device, “R&B” music, Formula 1 car racing, and other topics of interest to large numbers of people.

The user needs to receive a direct message invitation from a moderator in order to join a particular community.

Each community has a number of moderators that are approved by the Twitter platform, who are responsible for creating the community, enforcing its rules, inviting others to join the discussions, and can also invite others to help them keep things on track and stay focused.

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In Communities, moderators choose the focus, set the rules for the Community, and call the people who will add more value to the conversation. They are responsible for making the Community a great place for conversation.

While the account holder can Tweet to a specific Community for a focused conversation, the Communities pages and timeline will remain public so that anyone can read, quote, and report on Community Tweets.