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فوز طفلين بسوهاج

Two children in Sohag won the State Prize for Creativity in creating a website on robotics

There is no doubt that creativity and development are important to our children, especially in this era of technology and development, and Sohag Governorate always brings us many talents, not only in literature and arts, but also innovations and development in technology.

Long live Egypt

Sohag Governorate witnessed the youngest of two children working on a website in the field of robotics in the applications and websites branch, and they are of the first age group. An e-mail about robotics.

State Prize for Young Innovator

Dr. Solaf, his mother, Charles and Karas, said about her happiness for her two sons’ victory in the State Prize for the Young Innovator, and she assured the Tahya Misr website that her two sons will be honored next month in Cairo with the work of the website in robotics.

Dr. Solaf indicated that talent and focus have grown in them, since they were young and they are interested in technology, so I made all my interests and participation in creative competitions, in designing and programming websites.

His mother, Charles and Karas, added that they were honored in the Kangaroo Math Competition, and Karas won third place in the world, and Charles received an international certificate, noting that Charles and Karas were among the highest scores at the county level in the Hippo international competition in the English language.

Two children in Sohag won the State Prize for Creativity in creating a website on robotics

She explained that the Robotak project was under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Naval Academy for Scientific Research. Charles and Karas were among the first in the Republic.

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The Tahya Misr website had a unique meeting with the two brothers in a live broadcast last Ramadan about the design of Karas and Charles, a website in robotics.

It is noteworthy that Charles and Karas won first place in the governorate in the Tomooh creativity competition, for designing and programming websites, and fourth place on the Republic in the international competition for robot programming FLL Challenge.

Karas won fifth place at the level of the Republic in the Hong Kong International Programming Competition, and the sister of Charles Ali ranked third at the level of the Republic in the International Programming Competition.

While they won a special arbitration award at the level of Africa in the competition of the African Forum for Innovation and Technology at the Electronic Research Institute in Nozha in Cairo to create a website, and they were qualified for the third stage in the Arab Cup competition for programming at the level of the Arab world.