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فيلم وثائقى من حلقتين لسرد تفاصيل انفصال جونى ديب وآمبر هيرد.. اعرف التفاصيل

Two episode documentaries describing the split between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard .. I know the details

Several foreign reports commissioned a new documentary Discovery, Details of the split between international star Johnny Depp and international star Amber Heard and their lives turned into lawsuits and courts between them and is scheduled to put the title to the new film. Johnny vs AmberIt will be shown on one of the global sites next year and will have only two episodes.

According to a report in Variety, the film will tell one look at a time, and include interviews with relevant lawyers from both sides, testimonies from close friends and family, and detailed footage and audio recordings. The cases that each brought.

The feud between the two began in 2016 when Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, and the case, which ended with a UK Supreme Court ruling against Depp, quickly made headlines worldwide..

Depp, on the other hand, sparked a lot of controversy after appearing in the first promotional campaign for his new series recently. PuffinsHeld in Serbia, Deb wore a blouse designed under a black and white jacket and numerous accessories, a scarf, a tie and tinted sunglasses.

According to a report in the British newspaper The Daily Mail, international star Johnny Depp has appeared in a number of controversies in the media, following in the footsteps of international actors Milo Pikovic, Monica Bogardi and Andrea Ervolino.

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