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Two escapes are in the top five in the UEFA Champions League, Emile is the season’s coach

Michel CamarettAnd the ČTK

“It’s a surprise, but it’s a nice surprise. Maybe I saw an opportunity there, but I thought there would be a more famous name after all. I was really happy that I had been nominated, and that I was going to get there, I really didn’t,” said Escape in a media recording after arriving in Athens “. He is convinced that the team’s performance and results also helped him with his individual success.

Marceline Huertas and Georgy Shermadini of Tenerife, Keith Langford of Nimbork’s quarter-final opponent AEK Athena, and Tachon Thomas of Hapoel Jerusalem added to the Elite Five, whose composition was determined equally by the votes of fans, media representatives and coaches from 32 UEFA Champions League teams. . Carlos Alucin of Zaragoza has been named the best young player of the season.

Vojtěch Hruban (left) and Ondřej Balvín at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport.

Flashmail facicAnd the right

According to Hruban, the season coach pricing is in good hands. “One hundred percent. There was no other candidate at the moment. We had the best balance in the entire Champions League, and we played excellent basketball. We beat teams with many times bigger budgets, which were many times favored than we won in the group, we went through smoothly.” Through the qualifiers. “

Czech basketball players Tomáš Vyoral, Lukáš Palyza, Jaromír Bohačík and Vojtěch Hruban during a visit to a well-known automobile manufacturer before the World Cup.

Vaclav Mudra / ČBF

The most useful player of the season will be announced on Friday. “There is even less chance of reaching the top five. There is one huge favorite of TaShawn Thomas who has had an amazing season and I think it will be his right,” said Harbin of his prospects of winning the next tournament.

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