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Two journalists ... a princess ... a media organization

Two journalists … a princess … a media organization

The United Kingdom has a unique media system, and while it cannot be said that there are no problems or shortcomings in this system, day by day it is proving its effectiveness and its ability to minimize these problems as much as possible. Set a balance between freedom of expression and freedom of expression on the one hand. On the other hand between the rights of the parties related to media performance.
Although the British media enjoys significant diversity, diversity and professional richness, and has profound and inspiring historical experiences, they find as many unsettling and controversial practices as every media organization that interacts in a stable society. Fighting between partners and visions is a lack of expression. About themselves.
Over the decades, the British media system has developed an efficient regulatory system based on a fairly transparent and transparent practical environment. And public bodies and self-regulatory mechanisms that review these complaints, before making acquittals or sentencing decisions, and if proven guilty, they may always impose compliance sanctions.
This does not mean that the media system in this advanced and important country is not aware of mistakes or is sometimes plagued by exaggeration. But in all circumstances, whatever your location, you can complain about any media practice and you will find the complaint you are looking for, before he publishes an assessment against it, the resulting assessment will be informed of the legal and moral conclusions, and those conclusions will be valid. .
Among the most important features of this system, which has the characteristics of Britain and some advanced Western countries, it has many degrees; It is distributed to evaluate judicial facilities, an organization that manages and controls media exposure, and self-regulatory mechanisms referred to in press forums and union reviews, as well as evaluation policy units or quality control units developed by media organizations. Review performance and their faults.
Quite simply, shareholders and the public can always find an easy way to air their complaints, and in many cases the rightful owner will get his or her rights.
There are two important events to clarify how the system works and to determine the extent of its effectiveness in bringing about the desired control and balance, and these two incidents are related to Prince Harry’s wife, Megan Markle.
The first incident took place in May 2019, with the announcement that popular British broadcaster Danny Baker had been fired from the BBC, and he aired a tweet on Twitter that was considered racist and offensive against Prince Harry’s son and wife. Baker later admitted his “mistake” and apologized, clearly stating that “that tweet was a catastrophic, innocent and arbitrary mistake.” Worked for years.
As for the second incident, popular ITV presenter Pierce Morgan last March accused the same woman and her husband of not telling the truth in connection with the announcement of psychological problems due to “abuse” from the royal family. Morgan’s sharp criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex provoked outrage and resentment, with the Office of Telecommunications (Offcom) in the UK receiving more than 57,000 complaints against the reputed broadcaster and the channel he works for.
Although the channel announced that it would lay off Morgan as a result of that campaign, as a result of the great pressure it left behind, an investigation by “Offcom” announced earlier this month on 97 pages concluded that the broadcaster had been acquitted, considering that his criticism of the Duchess was falling within freedom of speech.
In describing the reasons for the verdict, Ofcom did not deny the seriousness of the criticism put forward by Morgan, however, taking into account that the channel provided a balanced environment for presenting different perspectives on the issue. Professional treatment of an important issue about the public.
While such decisions are certainly not satisfactory to all parties, the granting of the right to complain, competent specialized agencies and mechanisms capable of evaluating, announcing the results of investigations and explaining the reason for the verdict all enhance confidence in the performance of the organization, which is something we need most in our Arab world.

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