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Two Lebanese women participate in the Miss Universe contest in Israel

Two Lebanese women participate in the Miss Universe contest in Israel

The Miss Universe competition, which is scheduled to be held next Sunday in the city of “Eilat” overlooking as a tourist resort in southern Israel on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, is attended by one Arab candidate, who has already provoked a controversy that ended a few days ago with her arrival in Eilat to compete with 79 other candidates, namely, Miss Morocco. “Kawthar bin Halima” of Algerian origin.

However, two beauty queens, originally from Lebanon, arrived in Eilat to also participate in the 70th edition of the competition, which was established in 1952 in the United States, one of them “among the ten most likely to win”, according to what read about Miss Mexico Deboro Hallal. , aged 25 years. The second, Nahemi Uequin, five years younger than her, is Miss Bolivia. She was born to a Lebanese father and a Bolivian mother in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, near the famous Andes.

Model and presenter of programs

They write in Mexico about Deborah Hilal, that she is a model and TV presenter, and one of the 3 daughters of her Mexican mother, Débora Ayala Espinoza, and her father, born like her in the Mexican northwest, Hallal Zepeda Héctor, known as the brother of Jose Jamil Hilal, former president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Tourism and Services, or Concanaco It consists of 255 chambers of commerce, representing more than 700,000 active companies in various sectors.

She writes on Instagram about her Lebanese origin

Deborah Hilal, who is fluent in Spanish and English, and holds a BA in Business Administration from the local TecMilenio University, published a picture of her, oriental style, and wrote next to her on Instagram, that she is of Lebanese origin, and that her paternal grandfather “was from Lebanon, and arrived in 1924 to Mexico, where he raised a large family.. the Hilal family.” What she wrote, as shown in the image published above, won the likes of 2,834 of her 267,000 followers.

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Miss Mexico may have some kind of kinship with Annabella Hilal, known in Lebanon as a presenter and fashion model. without being so lucky.

Miss Bolivia

As for Nahimi Joachim, Miss Bolivia, she is well versed in Spanish, English and German, and when she won the title last August, the “Lebanese-Bolivian Cultural Federation” issued a statement, “” published a picture of him below, and it had previously been spread on the communication sites, in which he mentioned what she said herself in several press interviews with her, that her mother is Venezuelan and her father, “Carlos Joachim”, is also descended from a Lebanese immigrant father.

Miss Bolivia and the statement about her Lebanese descent

Miss Bolivia and the statement about her Lebanese descent

Nahimi Joachim, is the second Lebanese-origin to win the title of Miss Bolivia, after Lenka Nemer, who won the title last year. She is also from the city of “Santa Cruz de la Sierra”, where she was born 24 years ago, and graduated from her university this year in international relations, especially as she visited Several countries, including Lebanon, are familiar with Spanish, French and English.