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Two sessions on the recruitment of animation

Two sessions on the recruitment of animation

Within the program of the second day of the “Shasha” event, the “Fun” Foundation organized two dialogue sessions, the first of which reviewed the experiences of a group of young experts in the world of comics, games and cosplay, and the second dealt with “how to benefit from animation content through social media.”

Speaking during the first session: Noura Al-Awadi, Salah Abu Idris, Harun Rashid Al-Mansoori, and Hassan Al-Ali; Noura Al-Awadi presented her journey in the world of anime, saying: “I wrote a comic story centered on an Emirati orphan who became a superhero and fulfilled his ambitions to serve the world.”

She added, “The story was the gateway to my career towards creativity. I worked on teaching kids how to write comic books about superheroes, which is what led me to found Since Academic; With time, I became sure that the media and the world of content production is a vast area that we can invest in developing the imagination and creativity of young children.”

Ancient Civilizations

Haroun Al-Mansoori said: “Kashkool Games Development Company was my gateway to electronic games; Through it, I work on developing games that evoke ancient civilizations, and introduce children to players to those civilizations through playing and in interactive ways.” Aaron gave advice to fans of anime game design not to compare their work with what the world games offer.

Leisure to build values

Hassan Al-Ali spoke about his experience with the anime, saying: “I work to mix entertainment with constructive values ​​in comics, as it is a wide space for communicating educational and educational messages in entertaining ways that are loved by generations.”

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Regarding his experience in the world of cosplay, Salah Abu Idris confirmed that he started using inexpensive ideas, and said: “Creativity in cosplay design does not necessarily require large budgets; Rather, it needs a technical view, which affects the production of a successful product that has a strong presence.”

Communication and anime

In the second session, Omar Sharif Al-Ali and Rashid Al-Khayal talked about (how to benefit from animation content through social media), and said: Young people benefit from me, as I am a fan of popular culture, and they find a connection with me, which makes them follow me on social media, Then companies look to me as a bridge to communicate with them and promote them.”