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Two surprises for Joe Biden.  In addition, one does not oppose Trump

Two surprises for Joe Biden. In addition, one does not oppose Trump

Joe Biden has been at the helm of the United States for nearly 100 days. He has taken some important steps in foreign policy. There will be a lot of critics at home, who expect more of these steps and will actually be implemented, ”says American Jan Bennis.

“We simply knew it at the time. Perhaps it would have been expected to go faster in the case of the legislation. More than just one rescue package has been declared in Congress,” Jan Bennis of the University of Ostrava evaluates Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office at the checkpoint .

However, according to the American, Biden took some unexpected steps in foreign policy: “It is a bit surprising that the Armenian Genocide was declared and recognized, as was the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Perhaps not everyone was waiting, and certainly not the Taliban, to delay the date of the troop withdrawal.”

“As for how the White House compares to the epidemiological situation and how quickly, thanks in part to the previous administration, in getting a covid-19 vaccine among people and vaccinating a relatively large proportion of the population, Joe Biden should be given at least one,” he said in the American Bennis podcast.

Biden is “not interesting”

In many cases, not least at the level of executive orders, Biden opposed the policies of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. For example, it returned the United States to the World Health Organization and to the signatories of the Paris climate agreement.

A week ago, Biden hosted the two-day climate summit that was attended by dozens of world leaders. The main photo appears with his climate envoy, John Kerry.

Expert Bennis says in the episode: “After four years of Trump’s rule, the fact that Biden is not Trump is, in large part, a big plus for the current president.” With the former Republican president leaving the media, among other things, the drama for which he was best known has disappeared.

The “entertainment” Donald Trump represented has vanished from the screens. Biden’s atmosphere is new and different, in an uninteresting way, “Bennis comments.

Immigration policy is Biden’s weakness

Although the president is in many respects headed in the opposite direction to that chosen by his predecessor Trump, it is surprising that they are close to, or not much different, on some issues. This is the case, for example, with immigration policy.

Families of refugees detained in Texas.

Public discontent was caused by, among other things, the government’s inability to fulfill its promises, such as completing construction of walls or other barriers on the southern border. “This did not happen. Rather, there are notes that some parts of these walls will have to be repaired or added,” Al-American notes.

“At the same time, there is a promise that the maximum number of refugees in the future will increase from 15,000, which is an absurdly low number, to 125,000. Promises to present next year. But now it is still at 15,000, and Biden refuses to raise it to more than 62,500, which is a matter of course. If his administration were to be able to absorb a lot of people at all. In the end, Biden did not present any convincing plan for the way he wants to manage US immigration policy, “says Jan Bennis, an American from the University of Ostrava, at the checkpoint.

Which former US Presidents would Joe Biden compare? And what did Vice President Kamala Harris bring to the government? Listen to the full episode of the Checkpoint podcast, hosted by American Jan Bennis from the University of Ostrava, in the player at the beginning of the article.


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