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Two young women were elected to represent Morocco in the British Council’s “Future Youth Leaders” – Morocco Depth

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The British Council has announced that it will select two young women to represent Morocco at the Forum’s prestigious project “Youth Future Leaders”. Abla al-Hajrai, who currently serves on the Bank of Africa bank board, and Mariam Ben Hamza, a development consultant. , Have announced the selection.

The 63 delegates from thirteen countries participating in the 6-week online policy and leadership program will include two young women who will receive exclusive services of policy experts and training, as well as discuss their policy ideas with UK MPs and UK guiding governments. Thinkers and other senior leaders.

The Moroccan duo are part of a valuable global network of next-generation policymakers, with emerging leaders from around the world including Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. .

Organized in collaboration with the prestigious M முller Institute at the University of Cambridge, the project aims to enable participating delegates to develop their capabilities, expand their networks and ultimately bring about policy change, according to a report to the British Council.

This year’s participants were selected in a competitive process from more than 9,000 applicants worldwide, who expressed their innovative policy ideas for global change.

According to the same source, Abla al-Hajrawi focused on economic policies and reducing economic inequality in Africa, particularly by promoting financial content in Morocco, revolving around Mariam’s political vision, and focusing on supporting green change by increasing investment. Managing corporate and community management.

Tony Riley, Director of the British Council in Morocco, greeted the two young Moroccans: “We are delighted to see two more bright Moroccan future leaders joining this valuable global network.”

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He pointed out that the Future Youth Leaders Project recognizes, nurtures and connects the next generation of leaders and policymakers around the world, and is dominated by ambitious and talented young women like Mariam, considering that Morocco’s leadership path is strong. And Abla.

This year’s Young Future Leaders program runs online for six weeks until November 19 as Future Leaders continues the work of the British Council, building communication, understanding and trust between people in the UK and abroad through the teaching of the arts, education and the English language.

Founded in 1934, the British Council is a UK charity that is managed by the Royal Charter and the UK Public Authority and receives a major grant of 14.5 per cent from the UK Government.