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UAvionix receives US Defense Department AIMS certification for IFF Mode 5 Micro-transponder for Tactical UAS

Commercial wire

uAvionix The United States Department of Defense today announced the acquisition of Ames M.K. XIIB Certified.RT-2087 / ZPX-B. With this certification, the ZPX-B has become the world’s smallest certified IFF micro transponder with 90% reduced dimensions, weight and power consumption (size, weight and power consumption, SWaP) compared to conventional IFF transponders. , One-third of the weight and a quarter of the energy consumption compared to other IFF solutions developed specifically for drones (UAS).

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The world’s smallest mode for UAVs is the 5 MicroIFF transponder ZPX-B. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Certificate issued by the Program Office for the Identification of Friend or Enemy for Air Traffic Control Radar Systems (Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System Identifier Friend or Enemy Program Office of the United States Department of Defense (AIMS PO), US Department of Defense, certified with NATO and its military field equipment .FF Function and Functionality.

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