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UK announces aid to settle Sudanese debt

The United Kingdom welcomed the news of the settlement of $ 1.4 billion in debt owed to the Sudanese International Monetary Fund, and this week, with the support of the United Kingdom, $ 1.4 billion of Sudanese overdue loans were paid to the International Monetary Fund. He also stressed that this would allow Sudan to receive new funding to revive its economy.

The United Kingdom has provided 36 million from its reserves with the International Monetary Fund to settle Sudan’s debt, according to a British Foreign Office report.

In May, Secretary of State Dominic Robb announced a one-day debt of $ 148 million.

Sudan’s economic growth

This key stage in Sudan’s economic development means that the Sudanese government can now receive billions of dollars in new money from multilateral organizations to spend on health care and education, improve the lives of its citizens and help transition to democracy, the report said.

“This is a big step for Sudan,” said African Minister James Detridge. I congratulate the Prime Minister of Sudan Abdallah Hamdok and his government on this great achievement. The UK is committed to repaying Sudan’s debt, making it a more attractive country for investors, and making its people healthier and more prosperous.

He noted that at a meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the participation of the G7 Fund, the United Nations used its chairmanship of seven groups to agree on an ambitious fund package that would allow the International Monetary Fund to settle overdue debts on Sudan. Ministers and other international partners in June.

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