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UK announces "work visa" for graduates of top 50 universities in the world  Diversity news

UK announces “work visa” for graduates of top 50 universities in the world Diversity news


The British government has announced that graduates from some of the world’s top universities can apply for a work visa in the UK, regardless of nationality.

According to reports, the government says British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), ‘High Potential People’ track will attract ‘bright and great’ early in their career.

For graduates from the best non-UK universities who have graduated in the last five years, the program is open to all, no matter where they were born and no job opportunities are required to apply.

Applicants will be issued a two-year work visa if they have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and three years if they have a doctoral degree.

If they meet certain requirements, their entry visa can be converted into a long-term work visa. There will not be a maximum number of eligible graduates.

To qualify, one must have studied at a university that has appeared in at least two to 50 places in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, KS World University Rankings or World University Education Rankings in the year of graduation. .

The list of eligible universities by 2021, published online by the government, includes 20 U.S. universities, including Harvard, Yale and MIT.

There were 17 eligible institutions, including the University of Hong Kong, the University of Melbourne and the University of Paris Science.

Some academics were disappointed that universities in South Asia, Latin America or Africa were not included in the list.

Christopher Triesus, director and lead researcher at the University of Cape Town, told the BBC that this was an unfair approach.

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The visa costs £ 715, plus the health costs of immigrants, allowing UK immigrants to access the National Health Service.

Graduates can bring their families, but they must have at least £ 1,270 “money in deposit” set aside for this.