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UK – Belgium 24 The biggest security measures to prevent immigrants within the news network

Belgium 24. Although the exact amount has not been released, the UK government is ready to make a major investment to improve security at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. Reported by Flemish Network VRT.

The agency said a major effort would be made to track down immigrants trying to enter the UK hidden in containers or trucks.

13 million will be invested in EU and UK funds. Some money will be spent on massive security measures to prevent migrants from getting stuck in boats.

The investments come after a year-long investigation into how Belgium’s Zeebrugge port could increase security to prevent the disappearance of migrants in trucks and containers.

“We are in the process of setting up a control room,” said Tom Hodget, CEO of Zeebrugge Port. The latter will allow you to monitor almost all camera images captured on the port.

Hoteket points out that the control room has all the software and equipment needed to inspect and process all the pictures taken.

Today he continues that all stations in connection with security cameras operate separately. Zeebrugge’s ten major shareholders will join the port project connecting ten different terminals. This allows you to check the 80% risk zone.

Further investments will be made in additional cameras and smart fences.

“We will use additional cameras for many high-risk and critical locations,” Hotket said. Smart fences will also be installed. This alerts the control room when someone approaches.

For its part, the UK will contribute to surveillance of the oceans by thermal cameras on the west coast of Flanders, which will show when people depart on boats and up to 3 cameras will be installed.

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Carl DiCalloy, governor of West Flanders, praised the move, saying the investment was the first important step in creating a global security image for the port and, above all, what’s happening at sea at night.

“These nasty boats with people are not on the radar, which is why human tragedies occur. Thermal cameras can quickly detect people and save them.

It is noteworthy that some money will be spent to increase security along the French border in order to prevent immigrants from entering Belgium at the risk of entering Britain.