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UK daily cases are at least 38009 cases per week with 74 deaths The first dose of vaccine is close to 50 million

UK daily cases are at least 38009 cases per week with 74 deaths The first dose of vaccine is close to 50 million

The UK has recorded the lowest number of government cases in a week – the number of first-dose vaccines is close to 50 million.

The latest government figures show 3,809 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, and 74 people have died in the positive test within 28 days. Travel plans.

The UK has reported the lowest number of government cases in a weekCredit: Getty


That number dropped to yesterday, with 41,278 cases and 166 deaths reported.

Today’s number is down from 39,962 infections and 135 deaths last Sunday.

In the last 24 hours, 33,763 people have received the government’s first vaccine – bringing the total number of first jobs to 49955,853.

Some 4,569,856 second doses have also been given, meaning 86.9 per cent of Britons are now fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, 13.8 percent of the population was given a booster or third dose.

According to the latest government data, 6,981 government patients have been admitted to the hospital in the last seven days, an increase of 5.8 per cent.

Number of government cases registered in the UK since the outbreak Saturday surpassed nine million.

The total number of infections is currently 90,57629.

But the seven-day average fell 12.7 percent – 42,185 fewer cases per week.

This is further evidence that the “winter wave” has already reached its peak, experts predict – Christmas will not be affected by another lock.

Was like Boris Johnson I urge you to do that Project b To cope with the increasing number of injuries and deaths in the fall and winter.

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But the Prime Minister is reluctant Put the masks back on and work from homeAs well as the imposition of high-altitude vaccination passports on companies.

Government Scheme b

Plan B aims to bring back some of the functions found during various lockdowns, while the current Plan A focuses on the continued release of the vaccine.

Leaked documents prepared by the Cabinet Office and Treasury officials predict that Project B will cost up to $ 3.6 billion a month.

In the meantime, millions of Britons could claim self-determination Support punches Ministers have relaxed the rules on who gets it sooner than expected.

Older and more vulnerable individuals will receive a green light from health directors for additional vaccinations, even if they are less than six months after taking the last dose.

If GPS and health professionals decide it makes sense from a functional standpoint, it can be delivered to anyone within five months.

Minister of Health Sajid Javed He said: “This improved guidance will ensure the necessary flexibility for health professionals in the booster program and allow vaccinating individuals at risk.

The Prime Minister added: “Vaccine protection decreases over time and your immunity increases during the winter months.

“Come do a job when your turn comes.”

The British government’s cases have surpassed 9 million since the eruption, with 41,278 infections and 166 deaths reported in a single day.