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UK Do you treat British foreigners?

UK Do you treat British foreigners?

A large number of British expatriates living in Spain were forced to return to the UK due to the treatment they received in the country.

In an article: “Are British foreigners being mistreated leaving the EU?”, The newspaper revealed that about 360,000 Britons have been registered as permanent residents in Spain, but many are estimated to be living in the country without registration, and since the UK left the EU. By January 1, the British must meet certain conditions, including financial status and health care, in order to travel to Spain and other countries in the camp.

Residents of the EU must submit a residency application at the residence office before January 1, 2021, and if you have registered as a resident before July 6, 2020, you will receive a green (A4) certificate from the police This document is still valid and proves your rights under the agreement Refund, UK You must apply for a visa valid for 90 days for any six-month period to visit the Union.

Europe and the United States Minister Wendy Morton recently went to Spain to discuss the situation of British foreigners with the Madrid government and said on Twitter: “We discussed foreign policy and comprehensive bilateral relations between the UK and Spain.

Britons living in Spain and other EU countries have been warned of the complexities if they want to return to the UK with a European ally before March 2022.

From March 31, spouses of British citizens in the European Union will have to apply for a full visa and go through a lengthy process if they wish to move to the UK, which includes language qualifications, skills and adequate financial resources.

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