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UK export companies are affected by the post-Brexit bureaucracy

UK export companies are affected by the post-Brexit bureaucracy

Boris Johnson’s government says Britain’s exit from Europe (Brexit) has already proved a “massive success”, although a new survey shows that most British exports are being weighed down by bureaucracy.

Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke said the UK withdrawal from the EU “allowed us to eliminate too much bureaucracy – the move has already worked out better”.

The claim comes at a time when Dover port is facing a large line of trucks due to bureaucratic practices, a new survey shows that most British exporters are suffering from the weight of customs restrictions.

About 60 per cent of exporters surveyed by the British Chambers of Commerce (PCC) then reported difficulties in trading with the EU – an increase from 49 per cent in January II) to 2021.

On the second anniversary of the UK’s exit from the European Union, the trade body called on the government to take “urgent action” to ease and ease trade barriers to trade with Europe.

Although the results of the BCC survey are due in November 2021, the trade body said the pictures of trucks parked near Dover port provide a “clear explanation” for the additional problems facing the trade sector since the imposition of full customs restrictions. On January 1, 2022.

“One of the problems in Dover appears to be related to the export of food across the channel,” said William Bean, head of the BCC’s trade policy after leaving the EU.

Many drivers and the United Union confirmed to The Independent that it would take 10 to 20 minutes for each truck to pass the checkpoints in Dover Harbor, with the A20 extending its lines up to 15 km.

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One reason for the additional wait is that the new government system for freight forwarding services and other documents for export will enter the required codes for the Truck Truck Service (GVMS).

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Although export surveys have been in place since last January, companies have been given up to 60 days to fill out customs forms after shipment. But from January 1, the forms have to be completed in full – adding to the pressure on customs officials at the border and the GVMS system.

From 1 January 2022 long delays have been recorded on the French side of the galaxy due to bureaucratic procedures and additional appearance form rules required for imports from the EU to the UK.

The BCC has called on London and Brussels to simplify and streamline some bureaucratic procedures, which could “significantly reduce” the complexity of export health certificates required by food exporters.

Mr Johnson said the government’s ‘Brexit freedoms’ bill would easily remove or amend EU rules copied into UK law and encourage investment.

“We will not deviate from that, but we will make sure it is the best place to do business and invest because of the freedom we enjoy,” he told broadcasters as he sailed to the port of Tilbury.

Meanwhile, the Treasury Secretary told LBC Radio: “We are actually allowed [بريكست] Carrying out vaccination campaign [ضد كوفيد] This allowed the removal of freedom of movement, the free trade negotiations, and the removal of many bureaucracies. This is really a huge success. “

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It is noteworthy that two years after the UK’s exit from the European Union, a pamphlet entitled “The Benefits of Brexit” was published.