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UK: Great defeat for Boris Johnson in Assembly by-election


The Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a major defeat in the by-elections in central England, losing one of its strongholds.

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Johnson calls the English

Official results show Liberal Democrat candidate Helen Morgan won the North Shropshire constituency with 47 percent of the vote, nearly 6,000 votes ahead of her rival nominated by the prime minister’s party after Conservative MP Owen Patterson.

Commenting on his victory, Morgan said: “Voters have made it clear to Boris Johnson that the party is over.” He told Johnson, “Your government must be held accountable for its lies and delusions.”

Patterson has held the post since 1997 and was forced to resign due to political corruption. In the last 2019 election, he received 62.7 percent of the vote and 23,000 votes.

In the UK’s rural constituency, where the Conservative Party has dominated for decades, the turnout was 46.3 per cent in yesterday’s election (or 38,093 in the final count) of 62.9 per cent in the December 2019 poll.

These cases are coming at the worst possible time for Johnson as the UK faces the “tidal wave” of the eruption of the Omigran mutant in a country that has recorded nearly 147,000 deaths.

His credibility became questionable, especially following the recent revelation that a ceremony was to be held at the government headquarters in late 2020, when major restrictions were imposed on the British to maximize their social interactions.

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Johnson had difficulty persuading lawmakers to impose new restrictions on the fight against Govt disease.

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The final blow was represented by an unprecedented uprising by his party’s MPs, 99 of whom voted against imposing health certificates on key events in the General Assembly, which they consider to restrict freedom. The move was passed only with the support of workers’ opposition.

Source: AFP