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UK launches Archer 2 supercomputer modeled on volcanic tubes

UK launches Archer 2 supercomputer modeled on volcanic tubes

The government-funded machine has become the UK’s most powerful supercomputer, almost three times more powerful than Met Office’s Cree XC40 for handling weather and climate models.

கணினி 79 million worth of computer

The £ 79m Archer 2 was built on the state-of-the-art computer facility at the University of Edinburgh and is now in the testing phase after being commissioned in late November, but is already working on real sciences such as modeling volcanic tubes.

The system is made up of 5,860 nodes, each with two AMD processors with 64 cores, and this machine is one of the fastest general-purpose PCs in the world based on CPUs that excel at certain issues. It is currently ranked 22nd in the Top 500 list of supercomputers worldwide.

Simon McIntosh-Smith of the University of Bristol, who worked on Archer 2, said most of the construction was complete and that the device was now being tested and modified, and all the remaining toothbrushing problems were during that period until we got to the point. We’re glad everything was fine, consistent and just right. “

What was this super computer made for?

Archer 2’s role is to provide the UK’s national supercomputing service, a machine that scientists and engineers can apply for on time to work, and although the machine is not yet officially finished, the demand for it is already high. Orders are available immediately. When we open them, they do real science. ”

The previous system, Archer Advanced Advanced Research Computing Resource, was scheduled to change in early 2020, but it stopped working due to the Kovit-19 virus, which was finally shut down in May 2020 by a cyber attack. Everything from fluid dynamics in aircraft engines to simulation of air in the North Sea.

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Development of supercomputers

Supercomputer development is progressing at a rapid pace, with UK research councils already making plans for the nation’s next-generation supercomputers, with the goal of producing an Xa – sized engine by 2025, 51 times more powerful than the Archer 2. .

Source: New Scientist