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UK ... No summer vacations this year!

UK … No summer vacations this year!

As the UK government considers allowing Britain to travel to more tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, European countries may begin to impose more restrictions on visitors.
This week saw positive news for those looking to spend their summer vacations from English, including the decision to add Malta and the Spanish Balearic Islands to the UK’s “green list”. Once they return they can visit the kingdom without having to subject themselves to the healthy stone.
The most important message for those who want a summer vacation abroad came from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who signaled that those who received the full vaccine would be given more freedom. With about 60 per cent of British adults receiving the second dose of the vaccine, the Prime Minister’s statement could unleash a huge surge in travel demand, which is badly needed by travel airlines and low-cost airlines.
However, I still couldn’t believe a summer beach vacation.
While the new additions to the “green list” are certainly useful, major tourist destinations within key regions of Spain and Greece are also on the list of banned medium-risk countries. The new “green” sites Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca are also currently on the “watch list”. The possibility of increasing the level of risk associated with these places at any time will cause travelers to be nervous about booking holidays there.
Also, there are many unanswered questions about plans for those who are fully vaccinated because at this point it is not clear what additional freedoms they will enjoy and when they will take effect.
If recipients of both doses of the vaccine are able to travel to medium-risk countries without adhering to an isolation period of at least five days as expected, they will need to take one more test to detect “Govit-19”. ”Before the virus travels and within the country. The extra costs will inevitably force some families to drop the idea of ​​a summer vacation this year.
Another question revolves around the situation of children not vaccinated in the new structure. Since next month is the peak time for family vacations, clarity is needed here as well.
The biggest setback for the trip was that some other countries were trying to keep the British out of their territories.
For her part, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that the entire EU should consolidate its travel rules and be very careful in allowing visitors from outside the EU to enter, as there are high rates of spread of the mutated “delta” virus.
So far, Germany and Italy have imposed isolated measures on people coming from Britain. As for France and Portugal, they have announced that they may tighten restrictions on coming from the UK.
Tourist countries such as Greece and Spain, on the other hand, are eager to reopen, and may oppose attempts to impose new restrictions on British holidays.
For its part, it pointed out that it would not impose isolated measures on British tourists visiting Spain, but that it would require proof of vaccination availability.
Today we can hope that it will not take long for the rules for travel across Europe to be resolved, but the clock is ticking and this summer is not hopefully sunny.
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