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UK retailers warn of 38-year low stock levels amid staffing and supply shortages

Britain’s largest retailers have warned that their stock levels have fallen to their lowest level since 1983 amid shortages of imports and epidemiological staff.

The British Industrial Federation In a monthly survey of major retailers and wholesalers, expected sales-related stock levels fell in August, setting a new record for the fifth consecutive month.

Retail sales grew rapidly from December 2014 to August on the back of an increase in trade after the removal of the epidemic controls, while the growth of total orders reached its highest level since the lobby group began examining retail trends in 1983.

In retail, the CBI found that the import rate from suppliers had fallen to the fastest rate in survey history, which has hampered international trade.

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He said the shortage of staff associated with the epidemic poses operational challenges for retailers. However, confidence among retailers is growing as most government restrictions were lifted in the UK last month, and investment objectives for the next 12 months will remain strong from February 1994. The next three months.

Leading CBI economist Alpesh Paleja said the economic downturn has been exacerbated by labor shortages across the British economy, with many retailers now relying on young employees waiting for government vaccines.

“Fortunately, changes in the rules of self-isolation have reduced its impact “Pygmy” It is important to ensure continuous improvement in vaccine release within organizations but for younger partners. This will increase our confidence as we move to a new stage of infection, i.e. living with the virus.

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