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UK-Rwanda agreement on microscope

UK-Rwanda agreement on microscope

The effects of the “Rwanda agreement” are still being debated in Britain, with the largest union of public and business services unions entering the fray, and the British Prime Minister’s request for further details and documentation. The union leader said the government’s failure to provide them with information was a sign that the deal was not real or that officials were trying to cover it up.

Things did not go smoothly for the British government, especially the implementation of policies aimed at stopping illegal immigration into its lands. Following the announcement of the deportation of asylum seekers with Rwanda, a political storm arose over the announcement, with opposition circles considering further political gains and local and international humanitarian organizations directly violating human rights. Charter and Britain’s obligations to the Charter to guarantee the right of asylum of the people.

Within the UK, that deal is still back and forth on several levels. The latest chapter in that controversy came from the General Secretary of the Federation of Public and Commercial Services (PCS), Mark Sirotka, who also represents public administration staff and border guards.

Sirodka accused Home Minister Priti Patel of withholding details of the agreement, which outlines the government’s policy on the relocation of migrants and asylum seekers and its enforcement mechanisms.

And inside Article published in the Guardian newspaper, Pledge of Allegiance to Sirotka Supporting all legal challenges against the agreement on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior, which must deal with its “catastrophic consequences”.

In the article, Sirotka confirmed that he had asked the government last month to submit documents outlining the shares of union members they hoped to fulfill, “but none of them have been released.” He said it came following a similar failure last year in releasing documents related to its policy on failed (on the channel) push-packs.

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“We can only conclude that the agreement with Rwanda is built on sand and that there is no political framework to implement it or that they have something to hide,” he added.

“The government promised not to send anyone to Rwanda before responding to the union’s letter.”

The union activist, who heads one of the four major British organizations that have challenged the government’s immigration policy, said: We will try to uphold this promise until it is confirmed. “

According to Yesterday, Thursday, May 5, according to a report in the British newspaper “The Times”The Interior Ministry has indicated that only 300 immigrants will be deported to Rwanda each year under the agreement.

Under the scheme, men and women who have come to the UK in irregular ways will be targeted, sent to Kigali and encouraged to settle in UK-funded homes. They will not have the right to return to the UK.

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Under the terms of the deal, which Patel announced last month, Britain pledges அரசாங்க 120 million to the Rwandan government, which will not cover airfare, security or living expenses.

Controversy over political crisis

It is noteworthy that the announcement of the plan caused controversy and political slander against the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Partigate).

Johnson announced at the time that he would be sending immigrants to Rwanda (East Africa) by the end of May, but his spokesman told reporters last Tuesday that the plan would begin “within months.”

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A Home Office spokesman said the partnership with Rwanda could “relocate dangerous or illegal immigrants, apply for asylum there, where they will be deported, and if they are recognized as refugees, they will be able to make a living there.” “This partnership is fully compliant with international and local standards and we will actively defend it against any challenge or legal challenge,” he added.

In his article, Sirotka said that after successfully challenging the government’s pushback policy, PCS would support any challenge against the transfer of immigrants and asylum seekers to another country.

“As we did in the case of sanctions, this union wants to do all it can to prevent our relentless civil servants from being pushed back into this unfair position,” his article reads.

Last Wednesday, British government figures showed that 7,240 people arrived in the country in small boats from France in the first four months of 2022.