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تحذيرات من دخول المملكة المتحدة في أسوأ أزمة طاقة في غضون عام

UK to enter worst energy crisis in a year, warns

New British research by a United Kingdom government agency revealed today, Sunday, a set of warnings from British ministers that the United Kingdom is entering its worst energy crisis in a year. Reduces leakage and gas demand in homes.

According to research, the UK ranks worst in Europe in terms of energy efficiency in its homes and has recorded worse temperatures than countries across Europe.

He noted that four out of five homes in the UK are still heated by gas boilers, a higher proportion than in most countries, and that UK gas prices are at risk of rising because the UK’s housing stock is older and less energy efficient. The world’s most efficient Europe.

He warned that energy prices will rise more than expected in the current crisis and remain high for a long time, with prices up to 4 times their previous rates by 2025, meaning the UK needs a recovery package that new British Prime Minister Liz Truss has introduced to freeze energy bills, another big one.

In turn, Tom Sasse, assistant director of the British government agency, said, “Energy efficiency represents a major gap in the plan for Lis Terrace, noting that there are no signs of lower energy prices.”

“Borrowing huge sums to keep energy bills from rising only makes sense if it reduces demand and increasing energy efficiency is a national mission,” he added.

The research concludes that UK households and businesses could face higher energy bills in winter next year 2023 and beyond.

While the Terrace has announced a package of more than £100 billion to freeze current energy bills, British experts have warned that a similar program will be needed to improve household water leakage reduction and reduce gas demand.

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Experts pointed out that TRACE’s plan to expand North Sea fossil fuels as a way to boost energy supplies could call on the British prime minister to copy successful policies in Germany and elsewhere, while harming Britain’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis. To improve energy efficiency in UK homes to reduce gas demand.