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Ukraine crisis: Russian forces advance towards "Kramatorsk"

Ukraine crisis: Russian forces advance towards “Kramatorsk”

And according to the latest British military update, today, Thursday, high levels of Russian air activity continue as it seeks to provide close air support for its offensive in eastern Russia. Ukraineand to suppress and destroy the capabilities of the Ukrainian air defense.

The tweet added: “You’d probably like Russia In showing great success ahead of its annual Victory Day celebrations on May 9th. This may affect how quickly and forcefully they attempt to operate in the lead-up to this date.”

Reuters was unable to verify the authenticity of the news.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine had offered Russia to hold unconditional negotiations in the city Mariupol The besieged, she says, the goal is to rescue the besieged.

Ukraine’s chief negotiator and presidential adviser, Mykhailo Bodo Lyak, said in a tweet on Twitter that Ukraine was ready for an unconditional special round of negotiations. He pointed out that the goal of the proposed negotiations is to rescue the trapped.

For his part, the President of the Chechen Republic and a close ally of the Russian President, said: Vladimir Putin, Ramzan Kadyrovthat Russian forces It will take full control of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol on Thursday.

“Before or after lunchtime it will be a factory,” Kadyrov added in an audio message posted online early Thursday Azovstal under the complete control of the forces of the Russian Federation.

Chechen forces are fighting in Ukraine as part of operations the Russian army there.

The giant Azovstal steel plant is the last stronghold of Ukrainian forces in Mariupol.

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