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Ukraine receives 500 surface-to-air defense missiles from Germany

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Ukraine has acquired 500 Strela surface-to-air missiles from Germany.

Ukrainian government sources said that the weapons were delivered “Thursday”; The German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” published today “Sunday” reported on this issue, noting that the extradition took place in Poland.

For its part, a spokeswoman for the German Defense Ministry said today that it is not possible to give information on specific weapons systems based on “security and operational aspects.”

She added that supplies of various military equipment have been pledged to support the Ukrainian armed forces, and said that some of them have already arrived and will continue if possible.

The talk was mainly about the supply of up to 2,700 Strela surface-to-air missiles, but the Federal Security Council is still considering the supply deal.

Recall that these missiles are Soviet-made weapons that were in the former stocks of the National People’s Army “in the former East Germany”.

It is noteworthy that Germany changed its approach after the Russian military operations on Ukraine on the twenty-fourth of last month, and provided Ukraine with RPGs, the Stinger air defense system, as well as various military equipment.

Until then, the German government had initially refused to export all kinds of lethal weapons to Ukraine because it was a crisis zone.


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