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Ukraine regains more areas... and British intelligence explains

Ukraine regains more areas… and British intelligence explains

In the latest developments Ukrainian counterattack Which started a few days ago, I mentioned Kyiv According to its armed forces, it recaptured “more than 20 towns” within 24 hours.

The Ukrainian military said in a statement that along the front line, “Ukrainian forces managed to expel the enemy from more than 20 towns” within 24 hours, AFP reported.

This comes shortly after the president’s announcement. Volodymyr Zelenskyrestore the city isium The strategy located in the east Ukraineto be added to the 30 other cities and towns that have been retaken in recent days, such as Balaklya, Izyum and Kobyansk.

And on Sunday, Kyiv said it had recaptured areas totaling more than 3,000 km from the grip of Russian forces, following the counterattack in the east and south.

Russia publishes videos

On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry published videos showing warplanes that it said had participated in the bombing of Ukrainian targets.

The Russian Defense said that the clips belong to a side of the air operations carried out by the “Su-35S” fighters against Ukrainian military targets, without going into details.

The clips show warplanes moving on the runways of the airports and then taking off in the air.

British intelligence explains

On Monday morning, British intelligence issued an update on developments in Ukraine and explained the reasons for the Russians’ retreat, and it said:

  • In the face of the Ukrainian advance, Russia likely ordered the withdrawal of its forces from the entire Kharkiv region west of the Uskil River.
  • Isolated pockets of (Russian) resistance remain in this sector, but since Wednesday Ukraine has reclaimed an area at least twice the size of Greater London.
  • In the south, near Kherson, Russia will likely struggle to bring sufficient reserves across the Dnipro River to the front line.
  • The pontoon bridge that Russia began over two weeks ago is still unfinished, and it is possible that now Ukrainian long-range artillery will strike the Dnipro crossings so frequently that Russia cannot make repairs to damaged road bridges.
  • The rapid Ukrainian successes have significant implications for the operational sphere. The Ukrainian attack is very likely to force Moscow to prioritize emergency defensive measures.
  • The already limited confidence of the forces deployed in the Russian military high command is likely to deteriorate.
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How did the Ukrainians carry out their surprise?

  • Retired Australian Major General Mick Ryan explains on Twitter that the Ukrainians took advantage of the Russian focus on the south and launched a counterattack on Kharkiv in the east to quickly penetrate Russian defenses, destroying logistical support and command headquarters supporting the Eastern Front.
  • Military affairs researcher Mina Adel told Sky News Arabia that the Ukrainian army, during its lightning battles around Kherson and Kharkiv, adopted the tactic of military balance between offensive and defensive capabilities through a fleet of 13 reconnaissance aircraft of various missions, which is a magic wand for the Ukrainians to make decisions.
  • He adds that Kyiv has mobilized fast, agile forces from small groups, armed with Humvees and armored vehicles.
    The US “HARM” anti-radar missiles were integrated on the “Sukhoi-27” fighters, which are carrying out their mission in the north, unlike the “Mig-31” fighters, which took over the south in an attempt to reduce the pressure on the bomber formations that support the forces on the ground; What had an operational effect and reduced the activity of Russian air defenses.
  • Moving the S-300-BS long-range air defense units north to drive away Russian planes and putting in German-made Gebbard anti-aircraft artillery, to form an obstacle against Russian low bombers to prevent the Ukrainians from being targeted.
  • Preliminary firepower at the start of the battle with the US-made HIMARS guided missile artillery is more accurate than the Soviet-era Ukrainian artillery.