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Ukraine will join the European Union in 20 years, expert expert. Don’t meet the criteria

Currently, Ukraine is subject to the criteria required to join the European Union, Karel Svoboda of Charles University’s Institute of International Studies said in an interview with The teacher from the Faculty of Social Sciences also said that economic sanctions are a problem for Russia, but that he can get out of the conflict relatively quickly.

How big are the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia?
Economic sanctions against Russia fall significantly. Because of this, the waste company is leaving en masse. US dollars can hardly be bought in the country, and almost no one wants to sell them. Container company Maersk, for example, announced that for the foreseeable future it would not know at all what caused Russia’s problems with the delivery of anything.

Sanctions The Russian Central Bank, now trying to fight sanctions, was huge in the finals. Although the people of Russia do not feel this deterioration in life today, it will come soon.

Startups have been established in Russia in recent years, but in the event of a landslide, their founder finds out after a while that the police and other Russian forces, who will soon take on such projects, are interested in their company.

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