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الرئيس الأوكرانى يقيل اثنين من كبار المسئولين العسكريين ويصفهما بالـ"خونة"

Ukraine’s president sacks two senior military officials, calling them “traitors”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the sacking of two high-ranking officials, calling them “traitors” in a rare display of dissent among the ranks of Ukraine.

The president accused the two generals who work in the National Security Agency of failing in their duty to protect the country. He also warned others that they would be punished for similar behavior.

“About who are the opposite of heroes,” Zelensky said in a speech. “Now I don’t have time to deal with all the traitors. But they will all be punished gradually. That is why the former head of the Main Internal Security Service of Ukraine Naumov Andrei Olehovich and the former head of the Security Service Bureau of Ukraine In the Kherson region, Krivorushko Serhiy Oleksandrovich, they are no longer generals.”

The newspaper said that the occasion was the first time that Zelensky announced high-level dismissals of those involved in the Ukrainian defense. He did not elaborate on the reason for the dismissal of the officials.

But he added: “Those military high-ranking officers who have not decided the place of their homeland, who violate the oath of military loyalty of the Ukrainian people in connection with (b) the protection, freedom and independence of our state, will inevitably be deprived of the highest military ranks. Random generals do not belong here!”

Last month, Russia fired one of its top generals after allegedly leaking information that endangered the military operation.

Meanwhile, Zelensky said last night that the situation in the south and Donbass region is still very difficult and stressed that Russia is massing its forces near the besieged city of Mariupol.

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The Russians, Zelensky added, were so evil and so eager to destroy that they seemed to be from another world, monsters that burn and pillage, attack and intend to kill.