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Ukrainian Defense Minister: "Good news" soon

Ukrainian Defense Minister: “Good news” soon

In his tweet, Reznikov stated: “We discussed ways to strengthen our capabilities with US Defense Secretaryand the latest developments related to the front lines.

He added, “Austin emphasized that his country will not recognize the results of Russian referendums to annex Ukrainian regions“.

Kremlin Declaration

On the other hand, he announced Kremlin On Friday, he would have to clarify the exact boundaries of two Ukrainian regions that Russia intends to annex and whose forces still have to declare full control over them.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Russia recognizes my republic Donetsk and Lugansk The two peoples around the year 2014. As for the lands of my regions Kherson And theZaporizhiaI have to clarify, I can’t answer that question right now.”

Kyiv accuses Moscow

Loaded Ukraine Russia on Friday claimed responsibility for targeting a humanitarian convoy in the partly Russian-controlled Zaporizhia region, killing 23 civilians who were waiting for humanitarian assistance.

Ukrainian regional governor Oleksandr Starukh reported on Telegram That “the enemy launched a missile attack on a convoy of humanitarian civilians, people were queuing to go to the occupied area temporarily to go and see their relatives and receive help,” adding, “there are 23 dead and 28 wounded.”

“Those who were in the convoy planned to travel to Russian-occupied territories to pick up their relatives and then take them to safety,” Staruch said, noting that rescuers were at the scene of the attack.

Clashes continue in eastern Ukraine, where Kyiv is seeking to capitalize on the momentum of its counter-offensive in recent weeks, while Moscow is trying to consolidate its positions or make additional gains.

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and succeeded Ukrainian forcesWith great Western support, over the past weeks, it has regained control of large areas of the Russian forces, northeastern Ukraine.

Russia acknowledged the retreat of its forces, and announced a partial mobilization, to recruit hundreds of thousands to continue its military operation in Ukraine.