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Ukrainians propose neutrality and foreign lands as guarantors. Results MK Putin

The Turkish diplomat confirmed that Merov’s talks between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations in Istanbul would not continue the next day. The most significant progress has been made so far.

Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said he will inform Russian President Vladimir Putin of the Ukrainian proposals. One, according to him, was a building.

The Ukrainian side said that the EU talks had made so much progress that it became possible to hold a meeting between the two presidents. According to Medinsky, this first requires confirmation of the results of the agreement by the state.

Kyiv has proposed a new guarantee system, while security guarantors should be the first to introduce. Among them, the Ukraine negotiations mentioned Turkey, according to Poland, Canada and Israel.

If the guarantee system succeeds, Ukraine could become a neutral country. Ukraine’s proposed neutral status means that there will be no military bases in other countries. Reuters reported that the Ukrainians proposed to the Russians to hold talks on the status of the occupied Ukrainian Crimea over the next 15 years.

If the agreement is concluded with Russia, the Ukrainians will first have to agree to it in a referendum, and Ukraine is reluctant to negotiate that this should happen in their own country. Russian negotiator Medinsky added that Russia should not oppose Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. Russia indicated in two parts that it does not prevent Ukrainians from entering the EU.

A short tripartite meeting was held with Erdogan before the tripartite meeting. Tink spoke to both delegations in the Dolmabahe district of Istanbul on the European Bosphorus Strait. This is where the first talks for both sides of the TV show took place on June 7. From then until now, Russians and Ukrainians acted through video conferences.

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Zelenskho poradce Mychajlo Podoljak regarding warranty offer. It will resemble NATO 5, and countries such as France, the United States and Turkey will actively protect Ukraine from any aggression. The agreement must be approved by the people in a referendum, but this is how parliaments included the state:

You don’t like to eat or drink anything at once

The agencies reported that one started coldly, and the negotiators did not shake hands. The Russian businessman Roman Abram, who was involved in the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, also took part in the meeting in Istanbul, and Abram is not an official member of the Russian delegation. According to the Kremlin, the two sides agreed to his personal participation in the peace talks.

The first, after the fact that Abram, along with many other people, usually showed symptoms of poisoning with an unfamiliar flight, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Ditro Kuleba advised participants in any dealings with Russia not to eat or drink during them.

“If he is a monk, do not touch him,” said Koleba darkly to this person. He added that now there is a lot of gossip, because he is interested in news and sensations. Speaking about the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskovsbervi refused to accept Abramov’s poisoning, saying that the truth was not based on wolves.

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The Ukrainian foreign minister also argued that the talks had been stalled, they did not have a negotiating mandate on them, and therefore a meeting of heads of state was required to resolve the main issues. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a meeting of the two presidents would be necessary, and that there would be one question.

Zelensky spoke to the deputies

Zelenskyj ml in his speech to Parliament in June via video link. He reiterated his call for tougher anti-Russian sanctions, including a trade ban, a moratorium on purchases of Russian oil and a port closure for a Russian ship.


The president said that the brutality of the conflict in Ukraine does not bear witness to the world of wolves. He recalled the situation in the city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, which is besieged by the Russian army and the constant bombing. According to the President of Ukraine, there are about 100,000 people imprisoned in the city.

Zelensky has recently given similar speeches to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Israel, Japan and the European Union. He will address the Norwegian Parliament on Wednesday.

The UN Human Rights Council will discuss the situation in Ukraine. With his arrest, the council approved a resolution condemning the horrendous human rights violations committed by Russian forces in the invasion of Ukraine and announced the formation of a commission to investigate the cases.