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Umbrella turns off teletext and replaces it with HbbTV, EPG or the Internet

Umbrella turns off teletext and replaces it with HbbTV, EPG or the Internet

After a quarter of a century of existence, Markízatext has achieved its historic role and the operator of the Markíza TV group will stop offering it. From the beginning of 2022, teletext broadcasts will only serve as a platform to provide closed captioning to hearing-impaired viewers.

The Markíza Group has decided to end the provision of the teletext service called Markízatext on December 31, 2021. It will take place after 25 years of existence. Viewers have been able to use this operator’s service continuously since 1997.

Canceling or reducing services is always a difficult decision. However, Markízatext has fulfilled its historic role, and in today’s Internet age, it is only a sparingly used service, while viewership has been constantly decreasing in recent years.Matthias Settel, CEO of Marchesa Group, explained the reasons for the move.

▲ Figure 1 – Parachute text. Image caption (Photo: Umbrella)

An important part of the Markízatext is the closed captioning for hearing-impaired viewers. This service will continue to be offered on the relevant teletext pages after January 1, 2022, so that these disadvantaged viewers do not lose the legally guaranteed opportunity to watch selected programs from the Markíza Collection’s variety show.

A modern alternative to teletext is HbbTV, which is a hybrid broadcast that requires a stable Internet connection as well as a TV signal and a smart TV that supports the service. It offers viewers a much wider range of services and information, as well as an incomparably more attractive visual layer. However, it must be emphasized that HbbTV services are only available on TV platforms that support this service. It is not enough just to have a smart TV with HbbTV and an internet connection. HbbTV must also be supported by your TV operator.

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For several years after pressing the red button, HbbTV offers a number of interesting content – free Markíza Plus video archive, clear TV program, readers of the and portals, current weather forecasts and simple games.

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We pay due attention to the development of our online portfolio. We are also planning to improve HbbTV and will try to make this service available to a growing number of viewers.Dodal Cetyl.

The most trending pages on Markízatext have always been TV show and current news. All this content is available to viewers in another form – the current TV program is available in the electronic program guide, which is provided by individual operators. Those interested can find the continuous news service on the portal. Content from this website is also available through the HbbTV platform.

Let us remind you that teletext pages were previously canceled by Czech sister TV Nova and also by TV Prima.