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UN Convention on "Different Epidemiology"  Warning

UN Convention on “Different Epidemiology” Warning

The report, released by the United Nations, paints a grim picture of what awaits the world in the face of climate change, poor water management and increasing population density, according to the Scientific Alert website.

Details of the United Nations Report Drought Special for 2021 Risks we will face in the coming years due to declining rainfall in key regions around the world.

“Due to man-made climate change, droughts in some parts of the world have already increased in frequency and intensity and they are already experiencing water shortages,” the report said.

As the global average temperature moves two degrees below pre-industrial levels, the effects of the drought are intensifying and are expected to worsen in many regions.

At least 1.5 billion people worldwide have been affected by drought over the past two decades, leaving economies with more than $ 124 billion.

The report acknowledges that there is a general gap between reported losses and actual consequences, i.e. such numbers should be taken very casually. Needless to say, true estimates do not even take into account the economies of developing countries.

One-fifth of the world’s population lives in water-scarce areas. By the end of this century, most countries can expect to be affected by drought in some way, the report says.

UN The report compiles several “live experiences” of drought studies, often highlighting who is most affected by water stress.

The report warns that government policies will respond to the drought and not be effective.

UN “We do not need to imagine that future water shortages will be a global catastrophe,” said Mamie Mistori, the secretary-general’s special envoy for disaster risk reduction.

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“Drought is becoming the next epidemic and there is no vaccine to treat it,” the Guardian said.