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Uncle Khaled, 25, sells books in Kafr El-Sheikh: Psychology and best-selling novels.. Young people are now eager to read (photos)

Uncle Khaled, 25, sells books in Kafr El-Sheikh: Psychology and best-selling novels.. Young people are now eager to read (photos)

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He loves books, and he chose to sell them about a quarter of a century ago. He sells different types of books in his well-known place in front of Kafr El-Sheikh University, as university students and others accept him to buy books and various novels.

Khaled Kamal El-Din, the son of the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, loved the profession of selling books very much, and he did not work for another over the past years. He did not inherit it from his family, but he loved it and it became part of his soul, and he invites everyone to read and work.

Khaled Kamal El-Din told “People of Egypt” that he did not inherit this profession from his family, but started working in it when he was twenty-three, noting that he was selling old books for one pound for a book, and he used to and worked on it since then.

He adds: I loved that profession, so I completed it, and I deal with educated people, and I work from nine in the morning until five in the evening every day except Friday, when I travel to buy books, whether from other governorates or from Cairo.

He continues: There is a good demand from young people to read at the present time, and I see that the emergence of the Internet and e-books has had a positive impact as it made young people more accepting of buying books that they get to know on the Internet.

And he added: Psychology books are the best-selling, history, literature and novels, young people are the most popular group to buy books, and school days are the most popular period when customers buy books.

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And he added: This is my only profession and I did not do anything else, and the books I sell start from one pound up to 25 pounds, and the material income from that profession is simple, but I am satisfied with what God has divided me, and I see that if the young man has the intention to work, he will do so and God will grant him.

He says: The profession of selling books requires great patience, and the most important specifications that a bookseller must have is that he is educated, and that there should be mutual respect with the reader who buys books, in addition to patience.

He continues: Every reader loves a certain field and accepts to buy books in that field, but whoever reads permanently will read in all fields, and what is different now from before is that there is a great demand from young people to read modern novels at the present time, but before that there was Demand for old and translated novels, and before that it was better. As for the demand for buying and reading books, it is the same rate.

He concluded his speech to “Ahl Masr” by saying: I invite young people to read and work and not give in to anything, and books are the most beautiful thing I have dealt with in my life, and that profession is part of me, and I love it, and it is a profession that requires a person to love a lot in addition to being patient.