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اليونسكو تضيف مخطوطة قوانين بريطانيا بالعصور الوسطى إلى سجل الوثائق التاريخية

UNESCO adds the Codex of Medieval British Law to the Record of Historical Documents

UNESCO has added a collection of Old English laws engraved in one of the oldest cathedrals in the United Kingdom to the Register of Famous International Historical Documents. Textus Rofensis.

The contents of the manuscript were compiled by a monk from St. Andrews Abbey in Rochester Cathedral in Kent in the early 1120s..

The “Book of Rochester”, the first half of a twelfth-century manuscript translated from Latin, contains copies of pre-Norman Laws written in Old English, many of which are unique to the British Daily Mail..

The texts contain a copy of the ancient English laws known as the Code Theberht It dates back to the Kingdom of Kent in the seventh century, is the oldest dated work of any kind composed in Northerly English, and contains rules including that if anyone “kills” someone in the “king’s house” they must pay “50 shillings”. “”.

The Helothorian and Etric code, written between 679 CE and 685 CE, and the Wehreth code of 695 CE, as well as the later Kendish codes in the 7th century CE, are distinct canons.

Prior to the unification of the United Kingdom as a single kingdom in 927, King Adelstan collected personal files, and the document was added to the United Nations’ UNESCO World Record in recognition of its national significance.


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