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United Kingdom: Armed forces are preparing to capture the English Channel area

United Kingdom: Armed forces are preparing to capture the English Channel area

According to the BBC, the Armed Forces is responsible for overseeing the English Channel and controlling the passage of immigrants into the English Channel. The Ministry of Defense has indicated that more details will be released soon.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced on Monday 17 January that the British Ministry of Defense had become a key partner in protecting the English Channel against illegal immigration. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”. The channel clarified that Admiral Mike Oatley has been named as the co-ordinator of the Armed Forces acquisition of the English Channel, and that the implementation of that plan will begin in weeks.

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Sources in the British Ministry of Defense said talks with the Interior Ministry and British border guards in the canal area about the work of the Armed Forces began several weeks ago and no decision had been made on Royal’s participation. Navy or other agencies in this case.

Sources said details of how the army would coordinate operations in the canal area were still being prepared. The Ministry of Defense said it was a “strong reminder” of the need to prevent the dangerous crossing of the canal following the sinking of 27 migrants in November, and the rising number of migrants and deaths. Going on. More details will be revealed soon.

The policy of expelling immigrants is unlikely

Defense Ministry sources point out that there is no indication that the armed forces are pursuing a policy of expelling migrants and pushing their boats towards France. The Guardian quoted sources In the Royal Navy, “Black policy is not part of our values.”

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The Ministry of Home Affairs will continue to guide public policy on immigration and immigration management, however According to The Times,Prime Minister Boris Johnson may give full authority to the Navy over the Canal Zone and all government vessels there.

“Political Trick”

Many officials, such as Tobias Elwood, chairman of the British House of Commons Defense Committee, have criticized the move, saying it was “urgent” and a “disintegration” of the military. Mark Sirotka, president of the BCS Union, represents Border Force personnel, who see it as a political ploy to divert attention from Boris Johnson’s staggering policy, and say, “Appointing the army to direct border operations is a ridiculous ploy. Don ‘t want.

Ennore Solomon, executive director of the Refugee Council, said: “The army should be used to repel … [الأشخاص المستضعفين] And seeking to deport them abroad is cruel and inhumane. This is a desperate move by the government to fail to find solutions that will ensure an orderly, manageable and fair asylum system. Some have pointed out that fears of being caught in this case lie in the corridors of the Ministry of Defense.

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The Migrant Aid Associations hope to follow more humanitarian procedures and take government measures to facilitate the safe arrival of migrants, especially those fleeing conflict areas.

Since the beginning of this year, about 581 immigrants have crossed the canal to the United Kingdom, more than double the number of arrivals during the same period last year. On Saturday, January 15, 197 immigrants from France arrived in the United Kingdom, with French authorities preparing to cross the canal with 95 people in 5 boats.

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