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United Nations: Egypt plays a key role in mitigating the effects of climate change

At the end of his second visit to Egypt today, Nigel Topping, the United Nations High Representative for COP26 at the International Climate Conference, stressed during his meetings with government officials, organizations or civil society in Cairo. The role of green investment in mitigating the effects of climate change..

A statement from the British Embassy in Cairo said, “The potential for a green revolution is to promote a sustainable economy that promotes cleaner growth and greener jobs, but to achieve this we must work together now with the policy makers and the private sector.”“.

Topping explained: “This is my second visit to Egypt. Shake.“.

For his part, Gareth Bailey, the British ambassador to Egypt, said this was Nigel Topping’s second visit this month after Climate Conference President Alok Sharma..

“The great importance we place on our bilateral climate cooperation with Egypt is not yet clear,” he added.“.

He stressed that Egypt, the host country of the 27th Climate Conference, will play a key role in reaching the necessary international agreement this year on a set of key issues, including climate financing, adaptation and mitigation goals and net pursuit. Zero emissions..

“The success of COP27 lies in fulfilling COP26’s promise, reaching 1.5 C and supporting the quest to change the world, and we are committed to working closely with our Egyptian partners to support this decision,” he said. Added. “.

During its second visit to Egypt in four months, the embassy said in a statement that it had met with representatives of the United Nations, senior officials, companies, investment firms and members of the youth and civil society to discuss how the United Kingdom. The President of the Climate Conference may work with Egypt to prepare for the COP27 Climate Conference. No Egypt will host next November.

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The embassy also met with Minister of Environment Dr. Yasmin Fouad, Minister of International Cooperation Dr. Rania Al-Mashad and Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development Dr. Ahmed Kamali during the visit. And Engineer Yehia Zaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Suez Canal Economic Zone..

According to the report, Topping focused on Egypt’s plans for the COP27 climate conference and on its vision and mitigation, adaptation, funding and the possibility of shipping without carbon emissions in a broader environmental cooperation with Egypt. ..

With regard to adaptation, various parties explored ways to implement the Glasgow-Sharm L-Shake project’s global adaptation target, which aims to improve the country’s adaptability capability in an environment where global warming can be controlled up to 1.5. C..

They also discussed the growing role of the adaptation alliance Adaptation Action Alliance Led by the UK and Egypt ahead of the COP27 Climate Conference.

In terms of funding, Topping highlighted the importance of green funding and private funding for the COP27 climate conference, where international investors participating in the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Zero Emissions can. Net Zero (GFANZ) – It is an alliance of existing and new financing initiatives, with assets of more than $ 90 trillion – playing a key role in Egypt..

During the trip, Topping met with representatives of schools, universities, youth and the British Council in Cairo to discuss how their views could be heard and presented and how they can help move the climate plan forward at the COP27 Climate Conference..

The embassy noted that Topping had held a meeting with several business leaders, including the British-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, and participated in fruitful discussions on how to increase business climate aspirations, set ambitious zero emission targets and adjust for them. To minimize the effects of climate change..

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