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United States and International Criminal Court (ICC)

The United States reserves the right to use any means, including military, to release U.S. soldiers arrested by the ICC, which has opened an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the United States in the war in Afghanistan.

The U.S. Congress passed the International Criminal Court (ICC) Act in 2002 “to the extent of authorizing the President to use any means (including military) to free American soldiers detained by the ICC”. (Source: World Level 2004, Hobli, p.37).

It reads Wikipedia: “The International Criminal Court (International Criminal CourtICC) Is the tribunal for international crimesThat, In Netherlands. Its jurisdiction is limited to the most serious crimes affecting the international community as a whole, viz Genocide, I Crimes against humanity ei War crimes (Called Subject to offenses), And even more recently The crime of aggression (Art. 5, para. 1, Law of Rome). The court has the filling capacity of individuals In the statesTherefore, it can only intervene if states are (or do not want to) act to punish international crimes. ”

Donald Trump on June 11, 2020 The President signed the decree It allows for the imposition of sanctions on officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for investigating US war crimes and crimes against humanity in the war in Afghanistan.

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