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United States-Mexico border: Criminalization of immigrants continues

Doctors across the border welcome the US decision to resume asylum applications in some parts of Mexico, but still continue to care about the thousands of people still living in poverty.

“The United States and Mexico – an existing voluntary charity in the state of Tamaulipas, where, since June 2019, it has been providing medical care to hundreds of families who have been forced to live in tents and dangerous conditions – gives priority to the population of the Matamoros camp”, the city that jumped on the international news because of drug trafficking .

“Examining asylum applications – MSF continues – is the first step in fulfilling US national and international legal obligations.

About 25,000 asylum claims were handled through migration protocols set by the Trump administration. The complex and damaging web of other migration policies is in place and contributes to the greater vulnerability of moving individuals.

We urge the United States to immediately repeal Rule “Title 42”, which was issued in the wake of the Govt-19 epidemic – to help expel asylum seekers immediately for public health reasons.

Poor living conditions in the Metamoros camp are the result of a general lack of international assistance and protection for migrants and asylum seekers in Mexico.

According to Sergio Martin, mission head of the MSF, Mexico continues to be plagued by “widespread criminalization of immigrants, an increase in trials and arrests, a lack of shelter assistance and a lack of health care, especially at a critical time due to epidemics.”

“We welcome – continuing to compose – support the resumption of asylum claims, but thousands will continue to suffer if current measures against those in the city are maintained.”

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In some cities, including Rhinoceros, Cotswolds, and Beatrice Necros, immigrants spend the night in traffic on the street, under bridges, or in rented rooms. In these dangerous conditions, they are highly vulnerable and subject to violence by criminal organizations. In addition, Govt-19 has been forced to revise the practices of epidemic reception centers and is unable to adapt to all, thus weakening the aid network.

“It’s essential – Martin continues – that reception centers in Mexico need to be able to resume the support of Mexican officials and other organizations in the usual way, and that migrants and asylum seekers can be detained and accessed without fear of deportation.

Our teams have seen an increase in the number of immigrants since last December, especially following the hurricane Eta and Iota that hit Honduras. The number of migrants on the southern border of Mexico has increased and so has the violence. “

Recently 19 bodies were cremated in two vans 50 miles from the US border in Kamarko, in the state of Tamaulipas. The 16 victims were from Guatemala, and Mexican police officers were arrested on suspicion of murder.

“Mexico and the countries of Central America – the head of the MSF mission – must improve their regional migration policies and protect their citizens, otherwise we will only see more deaths. We will see more people being arrested in congested trucks. Suffocation, more suffering, torture and violence.”

The Mexican government – which concludes Doctors Without Borders – has a responsibility to ensure that asylum seekers and immigrants are forced to flee their countries due to violence or food insecurity. We ask Mexico, the United States and other countries to implement safe and humane immigration policies that protect people in the city. “.

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