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United States of America. New Arctic Strategy for US ARMY

The military has unveiled a new strategy on how to operate in the Arctic, a strategy to create headquarters and units capable of operating across all domains and establishing a strong foothold in the region. This strategy helps to protect national interests, promote power globally, and protect the United States.

The tactic was published on the Army’s website on March 16, shortly after General James McConville, the Army’s Commander, concluded his speech at the next virtual conference of the World Force on Military Speech. United States.

The U.S. military has developed its strategy because of the growing relevance of the Arctic and the growing threat to the region, as US adversaries such as Russia and China continue to put forward greater demands for waterways in the northern region and for economic gain. , He reports Security News.

The goal of the strategy is for the U.S. military to “quickly create and plan a diverse force around the world that is specially trained, armed and able to fight, conquer and survive in the harsh cold and rough mountains for long periods of time.”

The military plans to deploy its forces in the region, according to a strategy of “expressing power within and within the Arctic and conducting and maintaining comprehensive operations in competition, crisis and conflict.”

More specifically, the military wants to establish a multidominant task force unit called the MDTF in Alaska, a territory with specially trained and armed combat units to restore our dominance in cold conditions (…) to place an MDTF in Alaska Is headquarters. The first step in setting the conditions for success (…) Multidomen domains, especially those with extended limits such as the multi-domain task force, have clear capabilities in the Arctic – part of a larger operations and air and naval access routes that specify the strategy.

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However, achieving the full potential of the Arctic Service is easier said than done. There are three war orders in the region, which state the areas of responsibility; Network integration is difficult in severe cold, has high latitude and limited business infrastructure; Due to the hospitality nature of the Arctic there are major logistics challenges, strategic statements.

The Arctic will therefore require a new perspective on the relationship of command and unity.

Lucia Giannini