The United States, Strengthened by the rapidly continuing vaccine campaign, they loosen controls and begin to reopen Restaurants, So restaurant owners are shouting that they should be included in the priority categories they are entitled to Vaccines.

The hypothesis has already been discussed several times, but now the demand is being further emphasized.

After all, because more and more states are reopening restaurants, the recruitment of workers in the catering industry for the types of corona virus vaccine will not continue at the same pace. According to the New York Times, only a third of Americans are allowed to vaccinate restaurant workers, while at least 26 grocery store workers have begun to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the pressure to restore the country to normal life has increased. This week states like Texas allowed all businesses to fully open, and many states now allow restaurants to reopen in-house.

So, as in Italy, the question of access to vaccines for different types of workers is pressing, although the vaccination campaign here lags far behind the United States.

[Fonte: New York Times]