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University of West Bohemia: development is mainly in strategic areas

The Vědavý portal offers an exclusive series of articles outlining the new strategic plans of the selected Czech universities. In the spring of 2021, universities prepared new strategic plans for educational, creative and other activities for the period from 2021. The next section will introduce readers to the long-term strategy of West Bohemia University in Pilsen.

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The University of West Bohemia presents itself as a multidisciplinary university, the aim of which is to: “To educate young people so that they understand the broader context of the world of the twenty-first century and can make a significant contribution to its positive and sustainable development.”. The University of West Bohemia Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is divided into four areas. The second chapter, titled Education, sets goals that focus on improving the quality and flexibility of fields of study, while the chapter on “Creative Activity” focuses on research and development issues. The next chapter, entitled “The Third Role”, indicates the direction the school wants to take in the field of public relations. The fourth chapter deals with “Infrastructure” and operations to support the transformation and development of the university’s main infrastructures.

The University of Western Bohemia is regularly ranked in international quality rankings. In the current Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 according to individual fields, the University of West Bohemia is ranked in the non-living nature sciences category, which includes, for example, mathematics, statistics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, and environment. In them, she won the 801 – 1000 place in the world. The school also strives to implement the sustainability goals, as evidenced by the new 2021 impact classifications. It focuses on measuring the achievement of the SDGs, as specified United nationsIn the world’s individual universities. A total of seven universities from the Czech Republic are ranked in the ranking, and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is ranked 801-1000 in the ranking.

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“We are basically trying to make our fields of study more attractive. We are at a somewhat disadvantage because we are close to Prague and the University of Prague. On the other hand, we have a unique position in that we operate not only in the Pilsen region, but also in the Karlovy Vary region. We also have a branch in the youth. Contact with Bavaria is very important for us. Therefore, in the coming years we aim to attract more international students, “ Explains the position of the University of Western Bohemia, Vice President for Science and Research, Luděk Hynčík in an interview with the portal Vědav بوابة

Research infrastructures as the basis for excellent science

In the context of research and development activities, the university has several priorities in the new strategy. “From the point of view of science and research, we are mainly planning to define the many areas in which we want to establish ourselves. In my opinion, we have always lacked a specific focus – something that comes to mind when mentioning the University of West Bohemia – as a school. The main strategic directions that we would like to focus on. “ Explains the background for setting up Hynčík’s new strategy.

Therefore, UWB’s creative activity plans to develop three areas in particular Also according to the green deal. It is about Promising materials and technologiesAnd the Smart solutions for energy, transportation, medicine and the public sector a Selected Trends in the Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences. Thus the focus of strategic research directions aligns with the priority directions and programs of the National Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019-2030 and is also closely related to the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Pilsen Region.

The new strategic plan also states that science and research at the University of Western Bohemia depends heavily on the capabilities provided by one university’s European Center of Excellence and three regional research centers. It was built within the university thanks to support from research and development for the Innovation Operational Program in 2011-2014. The school wants them in the coming years Make the most of it.

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The first goal of the Creative Activities chapter is related to this priority. According to her, she is UWB “A university relies a large part of its creative activity on a high level of personnel and infrastructure. The creative activity is carried out in cooperation with local and foreign partners. Domestic and foreign doctoral students who are motivated to participate in research teams collaborate in solving research and development tasks.” As part of this goal, she wants school Development of research infrastructure And to ensure its effective use and sustainability. UWB is also planning to use European Union grant schemes to supplement the teams’ infrastructure equipment in a humanities, natural and social sciences perspective.

Another goal of this chapter is related to research infrastructure. This looks like: “We are a university with excellent results from research centers, which are the basis for supporting its sustainability.” In accordance with the strategic objective, excellence in UWB’s strategic research areas is ensured by subsidiary research teams led by recognized scientific personalities, who thus wish to support them extensively. A new analytical study should be developed to develop research infrastructure activities, which will identify possibilities for cooperation between research centers and interdisciplinary integration. The school wants to be a part of this goal, too To support the acquisition of the most prestigious national and international scholarships and to support internationalization.

The third goal in the field of research and development is: “We are a university whose creative activity results are in many cases excellent at the international level and is widely used in the field of application and the public sector.” Therefore, it is mainly concerned with positioning and improving the status of CULS in the international ranking and within the methodology of 2017+. In addressing this goal, the school wants to create a regular internal assessment of the quality of creative activity and to develop a motivational system that supports the creation of excellent results and the transfer of results into practice. The University of West Bohemia also plans to regularly map current trends in order to consolidate its position in specific strategic research directions and respond in an appropriate manner to societal needs.

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Fourth goal confirms Establishing startups and developing businesses. According to this goal, UWB is: “A university with innovative activities that supports the creation of innovative start-up capabilities as a basis for business development and competitiveness in the entire region.” As part of this strategic goal, the university wants to support the transfer of creative results, including the creation of start-ups, the promotion of marketing and an emphasis on communication, media coverage and the dissemination of research results. The school also plans to operate a creative industries incubator, which will be designed for graduates of creative majors from Czech, Bavarian and other foreign universities.

The complete University of Western Bohemia Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is available Here.

Author: Vědavý (JT)

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University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

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