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Unprecedented warning from meteorological office ... Severe heat wave hits UK |  United Kingdom

Unprecedented warning from meteorological office … Severe heat wave hits UK | United Kingdom

Heat waves as a result of climate change are changing frequently, long and intensely, and extreme heat warnings will be an important part of climate change adaptation.

According to expert estimates, 2021 will mark a serious turning point in summer temperatures.

In which Report Chloe Primcombe, author of “The Conversation”, issued a warning last Monday that the UK Meteorological Office – for the first time in its 167-year history – was warning of unprecedented temperatures in Wales and in some parts of southern England, central and western England, and in some places. It is expected to reach 33 degrees Celsius.

A day later, the office added a similar warning about Northern Ireland, declaring the same day July 20 to be the hottest day in 2021, with temperatures recording 32.2 degrees Celsius, announcing the continuation of an earlier warning yesterday Wednesday.

The alarm system is defective

As a researcher who specializes in heat, the author emphasizes that heat is an invisible killer that can affect all aspects of our lives. The Meteorological Office’s new heat warning service, if used well, can save the lives of the country’s people from the catastrophic effects of extreme heat.

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The Meteorological Office stepped up efforts; Especially after nearly 2,500 people died during 3 heat waves in the UK in the summer of 2020, which was the highest number of heat-related deaths recorded since the heat wave that hit the country in August 2003.

So far, heat waves have been warned in the UK under a public health-funded scheme. These warnings are for health workers only to protect those at risk.

But – according to the author – there are many holes in this system; For example, it does not take into account the interests of those living alone or suffer from poor health conditions. Moreover, many people do not know enough about the gravity of the situation.

Extreme temperature forecasts

For now, the Meteorological Center uses only temperature to set alarms, although humidity, wind speed and sunlight also affect the temperature peak that is monitored.

Warnings are issued when temperatures in a region of the UK are expected to exceed the normal temperature range, with a 70% probability of two consecutive days and one night in between.

However, the definition of extreme temperature differs from the scientific definition of a heat wave set by the Meteorological Office. Correction of this definition is important because extreme heat affects health before it can be classified as a heat wave based on duration or temperature.

Relative humidity, wind speed and sunlight affect the maximum temperature range (German)

How do you overcome high temperatures?

Don’t panic if you get a severe warning of high temperatures in your area. There are many ways to avoid heat stress, which can cause lethargy, diarrhea and headaches. Seek medical advice when needed.

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Try to maintain a normal body temperature: If you are at home, try putting your feet in cold water or taking a bath. If you have a garden or swimming pool, try to use it for relaxation. If you are an experienced swimmer and want to swim outside, do not go alone, be careful when descending into the water, do it slowly in shallow water.

Keep your body hydrated: Our bodies are mostly made up of water and we lose a lot of heat waves through sweat. Drink more water than usual even when you are not thirsty. If you do not like it, you can drink caffeinated beverages or fruit juices.

Keeping our homes cool: By blindly closing and opening the windows on the side not facing the sun. If you have a range hood, turn it on, and if you live in an apartment building and feel safe, leave the front door open. All of these help maintain air flow through your home.

Be careful in the heat: Focus on people over 65, pregnant women, children under the age of five and those with illnesses; The heat is high for this age group. Avoid direct sunlight from noon to 3 pm when the sun is at its peak.

Avoid other risk factors: Increases the potential for sun and high levels of air pollution during heat waves. There are also health-related risks such as broken train signals that disrupt daily life.

Extreme heat warnings are an important part of climate change adaptation (European Press Photography Institute)

Temperature in changing climates

Heat waves are becoming more frequent, longer and more intense as a result of climate change. Extreme heat warnings will be an important part of climate change adaptation, but these risks will only be addressed when official authorities take these expectations and adaptation measures into account.

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The author pointed out that research on heat waves internationally requires more funding and communication. It should be noted that extreme weather events such as floods have been the subject of surveillance and warnings for over 30 years.

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