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Until this year, they lost 1 billion kroner to online fraud. Thieves have found a new trick

Fake banking websites, scam emails, text messages and calls. They are under tank fire that promises hundreds of millions of crowns annually.
author’s squf; stock struggle

withThe moment of inattention and pensions irrevocably disappear from here. Online scammers have posted their practices in esk. A serious secret trick of recent times consists in creating top copies of the official websites of banks, thanks to which thieves can use them to steal data on cards and the like. In contrast, BA Radekala said 1 million kroner. It was a billion for the whole year. Opt tens of thousands.

Read scams online Encourage Especially in the last two and a half years. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people suffering from lockdown and limited movement have moved more and more into a virtual environment, starting to use the internet and mobile banking.

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