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Untrained coach bound for St. Petersburg: Rottenberg is Putin’s husband

Russian, Finnish and British in one. Rottenberg Globetrotter has a great wealth and vast experience in the world. But he misses hockey greatly.

He started playing hockey at the age of eleven, when he joined a club in Helsinki. He devoted himself to it while in high school, and wanted to become a professional.

But this plan was thwarted by a decision of the mother. Rothenberg’s parents divorced, and the mother wished her son to be fully engaged in his studies. Despite the disapproval of his father, Rothenberg eventually admitted that the hockey player’s career would be fraught with danger.

He finished hockey and traveled to London, where he obtained a master’s degree in international trade.

“But I still have a hockey player inside me. I had to stop playing hockey because of my studies, but then life brought me back to it again,” Rothenberg told Russian website Championat.

He now adds the position of technical director to the position of vice-president of SKA St. Petersburg. He had never trained anyone before.

However, we had researched his hockey relationship as an official earlier.

Precisely in 2007, when businessman and hockey enthusiast Alexander Medvedev founded the Continental Hockey League and appointed Rottenberg as deputy general manager.

Where did Medvedev come from?

With the help of Father Rothenberg, he joined Gazprom Export in 2005, which transported gas to several countries. Its chief was Medvedev.

Six years later, the head of SKA St. Petersburg, Gennady Timchenko, offered Rotenberg the position of vice-president of the club. And again the question arises: where did Timchenko come from?

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The Rothenberg family is very close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his friend Arkady Rotenberg at the grand opening of the Crimean Bridge.

Roman Rothenberg’s uncle, Arkady, for example, had known him for years, attending judo lessons with him. His name appears on the list of the United States and the European Union that imposed sanctions on several Russian officials in 2014.

It also contains the name of Boris Rotenberg, the father of the current SKA St Petersburg coach. He is the president of the Russian Judo Federation.

Timchenko is on the list. It is one of the four largest private oil traders in the world. According to the US Treasury, Putin himself has an investment in Timchenko’s subsidiary Gunvor.

Thus Roman Rothenberg became Vice-President of Saint Petersburg, a position he still holds today. In 2014, he also added the position of vice-president of the Russian Hockey Federation, and in the 2018/19 season he took over the chairmanship of the general director of the choir.

Before he became the head coach of SKA, he learned one match. He jumped to the bench in St Petersburg behind Valery Bragin, who has tested positive for the virus.

In an interview with The Championship, he faced the question of why he wanted to become a head coach.

“Hockey is my life and this gives me a chance to develop. I want to be like Jose Marino. He started as a translator for Alex Ferguson, mastered all his techniques and became a very successful coach.”

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In fact, Rothenberg meant Jose Mourinho. He mistook Alex Ferguson and Bobby Robson.

Roman Rothenberg’s job

According to

– General Manager of the Russian National Hockey Team
Vice President of the Russian Hockey Federation
– Vice President of Gazprombank
Vice Chairman of the Continental Hockey Federation
– CEO of SKA St. Petersburg
– Vice President of SKA St. Petersburg
– Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of SKA St. Petersburg
– Founder of Vitawin (Sports Nutrition Factory)
– Owner of Hartwall Arena in Helisnka
– Chairman of Arena Events Board of Directors
Gazprom’s export advisor