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كوكب أورانوس في تقابل مع الشمس غدا

Uranus will meet the sun tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday, the planet Uranus will reach the state of encounter with the sun in the sky of the Earth at 1:49 pm, Thursday, Cairo time, and it will be at the closest distance from our planet during the year and its disk is completely illuminated by the light of the sun, which is the best time to monitor it during the year.

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah clarifies that the phenomenon corresponding to Uranus occurs whenever the Earth passes between the sun and the planet.

And since Uranus is in opposition, it will rise with the sunset and reach the highest point in the sky at midnight and set with the sunrise of the next day. .

It is known that when one of the planets is in opposition, it will be at its peak brightness and best condition, but for Uranus, its apparent brightness will be (+5.7), so it will be like a faint star to the naked eye and its diameter will be only 3.8 arc seconds, but this is enough to see it as a small blurry ball through High-power telescopes and even well-made small telescopes.

To try to see Uranus with the naked eye, the observation must be from a dark location away from the light pollution of cities, but it can be easily seen through the telescope as a faint light point, provided that the observer knows to locate it using an application.

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