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Urgent warning to all WhatsApp users .. Details

Twitter’s head of engineering, Foad Dabiri, warned all WhatsApp users that there is a loophole in the application’s microphone, which makes it active all the time without users’ knowledge, and advised that several changes should be made.

The problem with the microphone of the WhatsApp application affects especially Android phones, as the defect in the microphone works even when the application is not open or actively used, according to the Daily Express.

The problem was first discovered by Fuad Dabiri, who then posted an image of what he found on social media. The image reveals that his WhatsApp was active while he was sleeping and not using his smartphone.

WhatsApp responded to resolve the issue, saying: “Over the past 24 hours, we have been in contact with Twitter engineer Fouad Dabiri, who discovered the issue. We believe this is a bug in the Android operating system that leads to poor information attributes in the privacy dashboard and we have asked Google to investigate and address it. .”

Dabiri advises all WhatsApp users to immediately activate these measures:

• Open the “Settings” application on your phone

• Scroll down and tap on “Privacy”

• Open the “Permissions Manager”

• Scroll down to “Microphone” and tap on it, then search for “WhatsApp”

• You should see a new screen that says “Access microphone for this app” with three options: “Allow only while using the app”, “Ask every time” and “Don’t allow”.

• Select “Ask every time” or “Don’t allow”, but keep in mind that clicking “Don’t allow” will prevent you from sending voice messages and making calls.

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