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US blocks access to Iranian websites

US blocks access to Iranian websites

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The notice that appears on the Houthi-run Al Masirah TV website when trying to access it

On Tuesday, the United States blocked access to websites belonging to a number of Iranian media outlets, and others affiliated to groups close to Iran.

Reuters quoted a US government source as saying that his country had seized dozens of websites linked to “Iranian disinformation activities.”

It was published by the Iranian news channel Al-Alam in Arabic K And the English-language Press-TV channel, in addition to the Al-Masirah channel affiliated with the Houthis in Yemen, messages indicating that its sites are out of service, within the framework of US sanctions, with the appearance of seals of the FBI and the Ministry of Commerce.

Al Masirah TV condemned what it considered “American piracy and confiscation of copyrights,” and said in a statement posted on the Ansar Allah website that it was continuing to “confront American and Israeli piracy.”