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US donates 4 respirators to Buglia-Salute for fight against Govt-19

They are the Zol Model MV + Portable Respirators, manufactured in the United States, portable and portable devices that allow patients flexibility in treatment. “This donation is further proof that the United States stands with its friends and allies, especially when a joint effort is needed to meet global challenges,” said Mary Avery, US Deputy High Commissioner to Naples. “I am fortunate to visit Buglia before the outbreak, which ensures the long-standing friendship and excellent trade and cultural ties that bind us to this region. It is our hope that these devices will help save lives and that together we can overcome this. The crisis, as we have already faced other crises in Italy I thank the US Diplomatic Mission – Michael Emiliano, President of the Buglia Region – for this resolute support in tackling the Corona virus emergency. These 4 breathing apparatus from today, at a time when we are facing the third wave, are not only enriching our property, but also a symbol of a deep value, a friendship that unites our people. This gift – he continues – is the fourteenth demonstration of a friendship and alliance that has returned to Italy and the world a vision of the future that holds people and their rights at the center of freedom and democracy. Being on our side of the United States of America has always been a great feeling. I take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to President Biden and his new administration through the US Embassy in Mary Avery, Naples. We welcome his election.